Greenstone focuses on solving the fundamental problems facing many key industries and sectors as they implement digital and intelligent transformation. The key members of the company's technical team are graduates from Tsinghua University. The team takes basic software a step further to integrate its fully proprietary underlying support software with core technologies such as the Internet of Things, intelligent sensing, industrial big data, edge computing, digital twins, and artificial intelligence. Its aim is to break down data barriers and connect together underlying data and application platforms.

· Greenstone SWIFT DDS

Developed based on the OMG DDS standard, SWIFT DDS provides a real-time data-centric communication service that describes data interaction behavior in a distributed network environment. It is in-house developed in everything from the architecture to the source code, without using any open source module.
Full control by the developer
Customized analysis to specific scenarios
Compatible with various operating systems
Suitable for massive multi-source heterogeneous scenarios
Shortened development cycle and greatly reduced costs
Fast and efficient response
· Greenstone Intelligent Driving Basic Software Platform
The platform provides customized, reliable, safe and real-time support to help evolve intelligent vehicles and automated driving in terms of technology, safety, service and economy, offering a rapid, flexible and efficient way to develop and integrate the upper-layer applications of intelligent vehicles.
The ability to achieve inter-chip and intra-chip communication, sensor information interaction, vehicle-cloud connection, and high-performance gateway connection within domain controllers ensures secure, real-time and reliable data communication for intelligent driving.