Founded since 2001, Intron Technology (China) Co. Ltd., ("Intron") dedicated itself to provide automotive electronics solutions, as well as technological developments and engineering services in Chinese automotive industry. Through years of development, the company has earned industry-wide recognition and secured a position as a leading solution provider in the automotive electronics industry. Aligning with the local automotive market prospects and trends, working closely with world-class technology partners, the company's business focus has extended from conventional automotive electronic applications to new energy vehicle and intelligent vehicle application. Currently, our business network covers 14 major cities in China, including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Changchun, Chongqing, Wuhan, Xi’an, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Changsha, Xiamen and Chengdu.

By being persistently invested in providing innovative solutions and service models, Intron has established strategic partnerships with its suppliers, by creating a demand-driven market and generating value added services. Aiming to satisfy customized requirements from any customer, Intron provides them with whole value-chain solutions, all-round high-quality technical and commercial services by working closely with its potential customers. Since its founding day, Intron established an independent R&D centre, to provide customized, system-level technical supports and consulting services to its potential customers. Intron has continued its program of long-term strategic planning and continuous investment in research and development of cutting-edge technologies. Together with the integration of advanced international technologies and local requirements, Intron has been pushing forward the marketization of product design and shortening the R&D’s design-in cycle for developing customized products.

In the new era of rapid global electronic industry development, Intron established a competitive, highly skilled and professional team with common ideals, resulting in today's success. On the future, with continuous innovation, commitment to provide the best technology, engineering services and coverage of the entire industry’s value-chain, Intron will continue to contribute to the rapid growth of China's automotive electronics industries.



To foster the development of Automotive Industry in China with cutting-edge technology capability and exceptional service offering


To become the greatest service platform for Automotive Electronics Industry


Incorporate our corporate spirit into our daily work is all Intronese' core value. We truly believe that such values are the key to success and development.

Customers’ interests are always our first priority and we never promise what we cannot deliver.

We are passionately dedicated to strive for ongoing improvement and innovation.

We take responsibilities of our actions and work together cohesively and seamlessly.

We pursue mutual trust and respect, and we unite as one in peaks and troughs.

We embrace the ever-changing market environment and appreciate innovative approaches.

We are results-driven and we aim to create value for customers and the industry as a whole.


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Got the certificate of “Shanghai municipal-level enterprise technical center”


Became authorised electronic components distributor of Panasonic Corporation


"Shanghai’s Growing Giant of Technology"by the Shanghai Science and Technology Committee

Became authorized distributor of Sumida Corporation

Established Xiamen office


Became authorized distributor of Eaton Corporation

Became authorised electronic components distributor of Infineon Industrial Power Control (IPC) Corporation

Established Hangzhou office


Became authorised electronic components distributor of Kyocera Corporation

Established Changsha office

Established Xi'an office


"High and New Technology Enterprise" by the Shanghai Science and Technology Committee

Established Nanjing office

Established Wuhan office


Became authorised electronic components distributor of Epcos Corporation

Became authorised electronic components distributor of JST Corporation

Established Beijing office


Became authorised electronic components distributor of Sonceboz Corporation

Established Shenzhen Branch


Became authorised electronic components distributor of Infineon Automotive (ATV) Corporation

Established Guangzhou Branch


Established self-own R&D Centre as Shanghai G-Pulse Electronics Technology Company Limited

Established Changchun office


Became authorised electronic components distributor of Mircochip Corporation

Became authorised electronic components distributor of Atmel Corporation


Founded in Hong Kong, established Shanghai Intron Electronics Company Limited

R & D

Backed by its R&D Centre established in early years and its strong and growing professional R&D team, Intron focuses on the technical development of automotive electronics applications, and dedicates to grow the company with advanced technology.

Drawing on its years of R&D and servicing experience, Intron has built a comprehensive product solutions portfolio that covers three major categories of automotive electronic components (for body control, safety and powertrain), as well as three core products – battery management system (“BMS”), vehicle control unit (“VCU”) and motor control unit (“MCU”) – critical for new energy vehicles.

The R&D Centre aims to provide customers with customised products and services throughout the development cycle of automotive electronics products. The Centre is equipped with multiple electronics laboratories, R&D testing and validation facilities, and various experimental equipment, altogether serving traditional automotive electronics systems, the MCU, VCU and BMS systems for new energy vehicles as well as connectivity systems.


Over the years, through the innovativeness and dedication of our professional expert team, Intron has growth rapidly and earned many qualifications and recognition. For next, Intron will continue our outstanding contributions to China's auto electronics and industrial electronics industries.


2017: The ”New Energy Vehicle Safety Torque(ASIL-C) Controller” project got “2017 Industrial Technology Innovation Project” by Shanghai Economic and Information Commission
2017: Got the certificate of “Shanghai municipal-level enterprise technical center”
2016:Got certificate for “National High-tech Enterprise” (Reviewed)
2016:Got certificate for “Shanghai Pudong District R&D Institute”
2016:“PHEV traction inverter” project won “the Special funds for the development of software and information services in Pudong area” government grant
2016:“The converter security unit technology transfer”project won the "Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone Special Fund’s 2016&2017 Key Project" government grant
2015: "2015 Shanghai Small Science & Technology Giants Project" government grant
2015: "Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone Special Fund’s 2015 2nd Round Key Project" government grant
2013: “National High-tech Enterprise” (Reviewed)
2011: "2011 Shanghai Small Science & Technology Giants (Cultivated)" government grant
2010: “National High-tech Enterprise”

Honours from Government:

2017: Awarded by Shanghai Government as the "Shanghai Small Science & Technology Giants Project the best 100 enterprises "
2017: Awarded as the “Shanghai Pudong district high growth headquarter” in the 13th Five-Year Period
2016:Intron labour union awarded as “the Advanced Union“
2016:“PHEV traction inverter” project won “the Third Prize of Pudong District Science and Technology Innovation”
2016:The certificate of Pudong district "Charity Joint Donation "
2015: The technical development team of Shanghai Intron Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was named "2010-2014 Advanced Collective of Pudong New Area"
2015: The model team of Shanghai Intron Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was named "2013-2014 Model Team of Pudong New Area"
2014: The technical development team of Shanghai Intron Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the "Pioneer Worker" title by the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions
2014: "BLDC motor controller" was nominated for the "Shanghai Pudong New Area Scientific and Technological Innovation Award"
2013: Our "IGBT test system based on LABVIEW" won the "Scientific and Technical Award" from the Shanghai Pudong New Area Federation of Trade Unions
2012: “6th Shanghai Qishi Cup Technology Enterprise Innovation Award”

Honours from Partners & Customers

2017: Awarded as the “Leading ATV Demand Creation Distribution Partner” and “Distribution Goal Alignment ATV Platinum Partner” in FY16/17 by Infineon
2017: Awarded as the “Excellent Supplier”in 2017 by East Joy Long
2016:Awarded with “ Automotive Advanced Demand Creation”  and “Value Added in Industrial Segment” by Infineon.
2016:Awarded with “Outstanding Sales Growth” & “ The best Sales Revenue in Automotive” by TDK
2016:Awarded by BYD as “Advanced Supplier”
2016:"Annual Excellent Supplier" by Eastjoylong
2014: Awarded the "Quality Assurance Prize" by BYD
Awarded the following prizes from Infineon:
"Distribution Partner APC Best Key Performance Index (KPI)"
"Leading ATV Demand Creation Performance"
"Best ATV Overall Performance"
"ATV China TPMS Innovation"
2013: Awarded "Best Business Partner" prize by BYD
2012: Named an "Excellent Supplier" by Yutong
Awarded "Best Key Performance Index (KPI)" by Infineon
2010: Named an "Excellent Supplier" by STEC
Named "Most Valuable Partner of Infineon of China ATV Market" by Infineon
2009: Awarded "Fastest Growth Demand Creation Revenue" by Infineon
2007: Awarded "Fastest Growth Revenue" by Infineon
2006: Named as "Excellent Partner" by our customer Comet Group



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