Intron Technology’s Subsidiary G-Pulse MADC 3.5 High-performance Integrated Cockpit Controller is Officially Launched - Makes Debut at Auto Shanghai


(18 April 2023, Hong Kong) – Intron Technology Holdings Limited ("Intron Technology" or the "Group"; HKEX: 1760), a fast-growing automotive electronics solutions provider in China, announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Shanghai G-Pulse Electronics Technology Company Limited (“G-Pulse”), has officially launched its high-performance integrated cockpit controller solution, MADC 3.5, which will be unveiled at the booths of Beijing Horizon Robotics Technology R&D Co., Ltd. (“Horizon Robotics”) and Semi Drive at Auto Shanghai this week.

MADC 3.5 is Intron Technology's third generation domain controller solution for intermediate to advanced autonomous driving, following the MADC 2.0 and MADC 2.5 series. It uses two Journey®5 computering solutions, the latest smart vehicle computering solutions from Horizon Robotics; one “X9U”, a high-performance vehicle specification processor from Semi Drive; and one “TC397”, a vehicle specification level MCU from Infineon, as the main chips in the overall hardware design. As this new series focuses on L2+ and L2++ level autonomous driving scenarios, it has achieved leapfrog upgrades in functional safety, information security and cockpit integration. At the same time, by leveraging Intron Technology’s ingenuity in controller architecture design in the autonomous driving domain, MADC 3.5 offers ultimate features such as high-speed cascading and high safety.

In terms of safety, MADC 3.5 was carefully designed with several key aspects such as architectural safety, system safety, information security and “commercial cryptography” algorithms to achieve ASIL-D functional safety level, and takes into account the "failure-operable" fault handling mechanism. With regard to integrated cockpit, the driving strategy can be dynamically adjusted according to the driver and passengers in the car, and greatly optimizes the human-computer interactive experience. Equipped with a multi-sensor system and body sensors, it can be perfectly adapted to the engine and chassis to form an advanced automated driving system that can provide a better user experience.

In addition, Intron Technology considers adaptability and scalability in its architectural design, hence it can meet different system requirements from L2 to L4 through methods such as tailoring and cascading. Based on a fail-safe architectural design, the tailored subsystem does not affect the rest of the operation, and allows system design verification for multiple subsystem combinations, as well as the rapid integration and verification of algorithms. As a result, the overall design is easily adaptable to different customer solutions and mass production needs, and at a perfect price-performance ratio as well.

As a leading provider of domain controller solutions for intelligent driving, and given its in-depth understanding of automotive semiconductors, Intron Technology incorporates its unique hardware design philosophy at different points, including positive thinking at the development stage, rigorous theoretical calculation, analysis and simulation, and testing and verification. It controls the feasibility, reliability and safety of its products throughout the process, in order to meet the requirements of mass production. Faced with a future in which vehicles will have increasingly centralized electronics and electrical architecture as well as automated driving technologies that will further mature and gain in popularity, Intron Technology is committed to provide customers with customized solutions for mass production. 

Intron Technology is one of the Independent Design House (IDH) partners of Horizon Robotics and Semi Drive, and the first to launch a high-performance, integrated cockpit and automated driving domain controller at Auto Shanghai this week. The MADC3.5 high-performance integrated cockpit controller was officially unveiled and exhibited at the Horizon Robotics and Semi Drive booths.

Mr. Sam Qin, Vice President of Intron Technology, said, “MADC 3.5 is another masterpiece launched by Intron Technology into the intelligent driving segment. It is aimed at improving the existing comprehensive safety performance and driving experience of the L2+ level functional safety and integrated cockpit. In the future, we will continue to promote the innovation and technological iteration of automated and connected vehicle solutions, actively cooperate with our excellent partners to develop system solutions for mass production amid the localization wave, and continue to provide platforms and engineering services for empowering all customers."


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