Intron Technology's Proprietary "Automated Driving Vision-Radar Fusion Algorithm Solution" Ranks 3rd in Authoritative Global Evaluation Dataset nuScenes


(22 November 2023, Hong Kong) - Intron Technology Holdings Limited ("Intron Technology" or the "Group"; HKEX: 1760), a leading automotive electronics solutions provider in China, announced recently that "StreamFusion Fusion Algorithm Solution" developed by its own algorithm team boasts a high 64.3% under the "Camera, Radar" modality in the nuScenes Detection Score (NDS) of the authoritative global automated driving evaluation nuScenes Detection Task. Currently, placing third on the list in 2023, the solution is likely to climb in ranking subsequent to short-term model iteration and training.

nuScenes Detection Task evaluation (as of 22 November 2023)

The StreamFusion Fusion Algorithm Solution demonstrates the capability of Intron Technology, in the advent of L3 automated driving, to apply its years of engineering service experience in hardware design and software development and understanding of the overall industry setup and sore spots in deploying multi-sensor fusion solutions and building its ability to develop proprietary algorithm models. Research is being conducted to address the issue of high system costs at a deeper level. From automated driving perception, prediction to planning of control module combination, it helps take industrialization and commercialization of automated driving to full bloom.

nuScenes is one of the most widely used public datasets in the automated driving field, and an authoritative international 3D target detection evaluation dataset. Since released in 2018, nuScenes has become a touchstone for testing performance of perception algorithms in automated driving related tasks. NDS, as a comprehensive indicator, consists of mean Average Precision (mAP), Average Translation Error (ATE), Average Scale Error (ASE), Average Orientation Error (AOE), Average Velocity Error (AVE) and Average Attribute Error (AAE) and other evaluation metrics.

(Source: nuScenes)

StreamFusion, which scored high this time, is a new paradigm of vision and radar perception developed by Intron Technology with fusion architecture perception technology for 3D target detection based on mmWave radar and camera. The algorithm model makes use of fusion of features extracted from image and radar data, and at the same time introduces historical frame information and conveys target information via sparse paradigm, to greatly improve algorithm efficiency, and achieve highly robust and accurate multi-modal 3D target detection. 

Architecture of Intron Technology's StreamFusion solution

Crucial to industrializing automated driving, the perception system, as the core and most accurate portal of complex and  dynamic 3D external environment information, is a core technological module, a breakthrough essentially, for automated driving to be truly embraced. The vision fusion solutions under the Camera and Radar modality have a number of merits such as low cost, with a high cost/performance ratio and easy to deploy, thus are commonly seen by the industry as key to helping realize L3 automated driving. To continuously train and optimize the algorithm model of the vision fusion platform to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of 3D target detection is another important endeavor of Intron Technology to strengthen its automated driving technologies and empower the industry through algorithms. 

Mr. Luk Wing Ming, Intron Technology's Co-founder, Chairman and Co-CEO, said, "Industrialization of L3 automated driving will be an important watershed for the industry. Intron Technology empowers with its core hardware engineering services and extensive experience in developing underlying software. At the same time, it also recognizes the transformative significance of AI perception technology in industrializing automated driving and has strived to offer innovative products that best conform to the mainstream paradigm. In the future, we will continue to push for breakthroughs in algorithm model, in the hope of, together with the industry, witness the commercialization of automated driving technology."


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