Creating "Third Moving Space" Intron Technology's Subsidiary G-Pulse Showcases Stellar Solutions at Smart China Expo 2023


(8 September 2023, Hong Kong) - Between 4 and 6 September 2023, Shanghai G-Pulse Electronics Technology Company Limited ("G-Pulse"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intron Technology Holdings Limited ("Intron Technology" or the "Group"; stock code: 1760.HK) and leading provider of automotive electronics solutions in China, showcased more than 20 solutions for intelligent driving and new energy vehicles at the annual Smart China Expo 2023. At the event themed "Pooling Wisdom and Strength" and focusing on "Intelligent Connected New Energy Vehicles", G-Pulse for the first time exhibited its most comprehensive array of product solutions, including the debut of two latest self-developed high-end domain controller and chassis domain controller solution in the country. Armed with excellent technical capability and innovative products, G-Pulse caught the attention of professionals in and outside the industry and the media at home and abroad.

Intelligent technology has empowered vehicles and increased their value, turning them from merely for transportation into a "third moving space" that connects travel, living and different scenarios for drivers and passengers. As a leading provider of automotive electronics solutions, Intron Technology explores mobility in the future with technologies. With the theme of "The Future is Coming", Intron demonstrated the capacity of sensibility with latest technologies, letting visitors see the different scenarios covered by its intelligent connected and new energy vehicle products, and innovative applications of its advanced technologies.

Technology Turns Smart Cabin from Sci-Fi Movies into Reality

On Intron Technology's stage in Hall N4, to let the audience see, understand and experience the convenience intelligent technologies and smart travel brings, Intron Technology set up a real cabin empowered by its cutting-edge technologies and product solutions - with one look or a simple gesture was enough for the vehicle to understand what the driver/passenger has in mind.

"Play music", "Recommendation of the day"…… Once instruction is given, the intelligent control unit of the vehicle will play the music without the need for any wake-up commands. The volume will adjust at the driver twirling his/her finger, and the driver can move his/her palm side-to-side to switch songs. When the driver turns and looks at a window and lifts his/her palm, the window pane will move up. The hand can also be projected on a screen, in the way of using the mouse to use and move the apps on the screen. These functions came live with the fusion of sensors such as millimeter-wave radar and camera, plus AI and multimodal graphic recognition system, enabling action and voice commands to be the cutting-edge smart human-vehicle interaction.

Intron Technology integrated the 60GHz millimeter wave radar module and CO2 sensor in the cabin to monitor scenarios such as: child left behind in the car, seat status, unusual intrusion, fatigue driving, vital signs, etc. The Tof sensor adopts Infineon's automotive functional safety grade sensor module, that meets laser safety LASER CLASS 1 (IEC 60825-1) and functional safety ASIL-B requirements. Integrated with recognition algorithms, problem solving algorithms and software middleware, it can unlock the B-pillar for such functions as 3D facial recognition, face recognition payment, remote vehicle control, spatial hand motion-based remote control and hand-motion games and other intelligent operations, making intelligent human-vehicle interaction possible and auto of the future from sci-fi movies a reality.

Unveiling Latest Smart Controllers

In the smart era, domain controllers are leading the technology application. At the event, Intron Technology also unveiled and captured attention with its intelligent chassis domain controller and two high-end domain controller solutions based on new generation electronic and electrical architectures. 

The chassis domain control solution was developed based on the AUTOSAR software architecture. It adopts Infineon's high-performance TC399 as the main processor and integrates the suspension, steering and braking systems for efficient management of lateral, longitudinal and vertical motions and vehicle body position, realizing coordinated control of functions such as body height, suspension stiffness, Steer- and Brake-by-Wire and electronic parking. The hardware choices also meet the ASIL-D functional safety level and support information security. 
The easy-to-use platform-based development environment, software layering, and hardware modular design allow customers to customize function layers and vehicle development strategy. It provides standard CAN update solution and corresponding upper computer update tool, and supports OTA (Over-The-Air download technology). Boasting both strong manoeuvrability and comfort, it can improve overall control accuracy, enhance intelligent driver-assistance performance, and promote high-level intellectualization and commercialization of auto-driving.

Intron Technology's Chassis Zonal Controller Solution

As the core of future smart vehicles, the zonal control unit wavered the current mainstream function control units and central gateway-based architecture. It adopts the "Next-Generation Zonal Electrical and Electronic Architecture (Zonal EEA)" which prioritize device distribution and management based on locations. That can optimize physical interfaces connection of the vehicle, manage power control of parts in different sections, balance different input and output controls, etc.

Intron Technology's left and right zonal control units are powerful supplement to the two high-end front and rear zonal control units unveiled at the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition in April this year. They support cross-domain integration within smart vehicles, reduce wiring, significantly trim the number of ECUs, lower vehicle costs, improve software development efficiency, shorten the integration and verification cycle, and achieve full integration of hardware, third-party software, and services and functions, to make vehicle development more intelligent and empower the transformation of Software-Defined Vehicles.

The zonal control units also adopt Infineon’s latest third-generation AURIX™ TC4Dx series microcontroller, integrating functions such as secondary power distribution, car body, air conditioning, VCU and chassis, covering functions including door lock drive, window control and camera monitoring system control, seat control, LF drive, passenger cabin air conditioning, VCU, EPB caliper control, etc. The front, rear, left, and right zonal controllers of Intron Technology and the central computing unit form a 2.5G ETH-based ring network architecture capable of massive data throughput, hence can provide a hardware infrastructure for automotive SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and OTA.

As a significant event in the smart technology industry of China and the world, the "Smart China Expo 2023" was jointly organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Cyberspace Administration of China, the China Association for Science and Technology, the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore, and the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government. It brought together the world's leading auto makers, component suppliers and related tech companies, showcased countless cutting-edge smart scientific and technological achievements, and looked at automotive technology development and future trends.

The automobile intelligence tide has arrived. Heeding that, using technology to define the future, Intron Technology will build an all-round and multi-level automotive electronics empowerment platform, focusing on such fields as intelligent cabin, intelligent driving, intelligent connectivity, etc. It will also fully integrate technical service layers to give full play to its capabilities and advantages in auto electronics engineering R&D and rolling out relevant products, to promote R&D and application of more forward-looking technologies in the auto industry. It aims to empower intellectualization of the auto industry, and help make travelling safer, more efficient and smarter in the future.

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