Intron Technology Introduces Latest Development in Intelligent Driving at “2021 High-tech Intelligent Vehicle Developer Conference” To Facilitate Development of China's Intelligent Vehicle Industry

(10 August 2021, Hong Kong) - Intron Technology Holdings Limited (“Intron Technology” or the “Group”; HKEX: 1760), a fast-growing automotive electronics solutions provider in China, was invited to participate in the “2021 (12th) High-tech Intelligent Vehicle Developer Conference" held in Shanghai. During the conference, Intron introduced latest development in intelligent driving on the theme "Acceleration of Intelligent Development, Core Technologies of Intelligent Driving and Market Outlook."
Mr. Sam Qin, Technical Director of Intron Technology, shared on the topic of "Challenges for AD Controller Development" at the conference. He discussed in depth on the L0-L5 automated driving classification and analyzed the technical and safety challenges faced with L3 automated driving. He pointed out that the architecture design, platform development and scalability are particularly important, in the face of increasing technical and complexity requirements on automated driving. In addition, Mr. Sam Qin also examined and explained the architecture of L2 and L3 automated driving domain controllers, using several specific case studies.
Mr. Sam Qin, Technical Director of Intron Technology, delivered a speech
at the 2021 High-tech Intelligent Vehicle Developer Conference
Organized by the High-tech Intelligent Vehicle Research Institute (高工智能汽車研究院), the conference focused on a number of key topics, including "Technological Development Trend, Breakthrough Path and Competitive Landscape of Key Software and Hardware of Intelligent Driving" and "Development of Complicated Variables such as Chip Shortage, Domestic Production, Localization, and Software-defined Hardware”. Representatives of well-known automotive companies and research institutes, such as Horizon, Xilinx, Nvidia, Huawei, SAIC, Changan Auto and Li Auto, delivered speeches and exchanged opinions.
Representatives of renowned automotive companies discussed topics relating to intelligent driving
Mr. Eddie Chan, Co-CEO and Executive Director of Intron Technology, said "Intron Technology is extremely honored to be invited to the conference and to share our views on the opportunities and development direction of various segments of intelligent driving with companies that have industry-leading technologies and vision. To meet the challenges of this unique growing industry, Intron Technology will continue to invest in our R&D strength and capabilities to maintain our high growth development. "
About Intron Technology Holdings Limited (英恒科技控股有限公司)
Intron Technology Holdings Limited is a fast-growing automotive electronics solutions provider in China focuses on providing solutions targeting critical automotive electronic components applied in New Energy, Automatic driving, Vehicle-networking, Body Control, Safety and Powertrain systems. The Group utilises its research and development and engineering capabilities to provide solutions incorporating advanced semiconductor devices to help OEMs achieve industry leading performance.